Bedwellty House & Park in Tredegar is one of our favourite wedding venues in South wales, its simply a wedding photographer’s dream. There are so many places in the park for wedding photos, in all weathers and all times of the year. As a wedding photographer in south wales, we are blessed with many amazing venues, and this is right up there. Liam and the gang are some of the friendliest and hardest working staff around, and really do make sure that your special day will go as well as it can. Nothing is to much hassle, and the food is amazing. The registry office is all in the same building which makes this such a simple venue to shoot at to!


The grounds around bedwellty house really are very special. As a wedding photographer, we are always looking for the best shots for the bride and groom, and i always try and mix it up a bit so my images dont all look the same, however there are some shots in the parks that are must have…under the devils arch is one that gets requested ALOT! We are very grateful to be recommended so much by everyone at Bedwellty house looking for wedding photography coverage, and we love working with you all.

Bedwellty House & Park